Bradley Boysen

Bradley Boysen

Offensive Coordinator

Coaching is a family business. Coach Brads boys all kick in to help the Blaze on game day.


Bradley Boysen

Football experience

Coaching has been a part of life both on and off the field. As a father of 3 boys he knew he could not stay away from being involved in his boys sports. Coach Brad started his coaching career as a youth coach with his oldest son. He has been involved on both the youth and high school level at many different aspects of the game. When he joined the Blaze in 2019, he started as a quality control coach eventually moving into the offense line and offensive coordinator in the following seasons.

Coach Brad also helps run a medium size youth league in the Northern Denver Metro area.

  • 10+ years of coaching
  • 6 years Youth Head Coach
  • Two Time Runner Up
  • 2022 WFA Division II National Champion