About our TEAM

We are the Mile High Blaze, a full contact women's football team. The team plays in the Women's Football Alliance, competing against teams from across the country. Based in Denver, the Blaze provides women the chance to experience championship level competition in the sport they love.

The Beginning of the blaze

Established in 2013, the Mile High Blaze started with less than 20 players. The Blaze worked hard to spread the word and continue the expansion of women’s football in Colorado. The team introduced new colors, ownership and coaching staff as they entered the WFA (Women’s Football Alliance). Powered by a dominating defense and pro-style offense, the team took the next step by winning the 2022 WFA Division 2 National Championship. At the conclusion of the season, owner Wyn Flato made the decision to concentrate on her duties at the league office and transferred ownership to Head Coach Rob Sandlin. The Mile High Blaze are a driving force for women playing football in Colorado and nationwide. With a veteran coaching staff and passionate players, we are hungry to learn, improve, and continue success into the future. 

Creating a legacy

The Mile High Blaze continues to lay the groundwork for the future of women's football. With outreach into local youth organizations, high schools and universities, the future of football continues to burn bright.

Our Values are our vision


The Mile High Blaze exists to provide the highest level of competitive women’s tackle football in the state of Colorado and across the nation. We strive to encourage and promote the development of women’s & girl’s sports in the community. Motivating each player to experience the fun and excitement of tackle football while giving a platform to play the sport they love. The Blaze want to inspire women and young girls to build a strong work ethic; where discipline, integrity, humility and passion combine to make them stronger on and off the field. We are made up of women who are military, 1st responders, wives, mothers, students and more who can achieve anything we put our hearts and souls into. 


Equality in women’s sports is a goal that can be shared by so many, but for people to truly build toward that goal is rare. The Mile High Blaze looks to stand on the shoulders of those pioneers in women’s sports to continue to raise the level of awareness and acceptance. Tackle football is our passion, being able to pursue a future in the sport is our dream. If that is by playing or coaching, we want the Mile High Blaze to be the vehicle for any woman who has a passion for the game. Sports bring people together, overcomes differences and motivates the world. Through our efforts, the Mile High Blaze want to bring women’s tackle football to forefront of not only the local community but to all passionate fans worldwide. 


As a community based organization, the Blaze Brigade is made up of players and coaches who take time to support various causes in Colorado. As ambassadors of women’s sports, the Blaze Brigade actively searches out aspiring young ladies who currently play football at the youth or high school level. The Blaze Brigade attends games, practices and other events to help promote the sport. In addition to football the Blaze Brigade spends time at local and regional events to help support causes that mirror the strong values of the Mile High Blaze. This not only provides a great link into the community for recruiting, but to give back by supporting other worthy causes. The Blaze are always looking to create a buzz in our home state and nationwide. 


The WFA is the largest, longest running, and most competitive women’s tackle football league in the world. 
The mission of the league is to be a sustainable foundation and governing body for women’s professional football. Providing teams the resources necessary to enhance their communities through the opportunities they give to elite athletes, coaches, fans and future generations. The Women’s Football Alliance consists of 60 teams across three divisions. The top division, WFA PRO has games televised on national TV including ESPN. The WFA Championship Weekend consists of 3 Title games and an All American game played in July at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Stadium. 


A winning tradition is an important factor to any organization, the Blaze is no different. A consistent leadership group, coaching staff and core of dedicated players have helped to create a winning culture for now and the future. 

Leadership moving forward

After nine years in the organization, Rob was made a minority owner during the 2021 season. Upon completion of the championship season in 2022, Rob took over majority ownership of the Blaze and looks to continue the traditions moving forward.

Rob Sandlin

Hall of fame photographer

Kim works the sidelines not only for the Blaze, but the WFA. She has been a constant presence for the team and her images are the best in the business. Her photos are on display in the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio as well as the Sports Museum at the world famous Boston Garden.
The Blaze is proud to welcome her back for another season.

OFFICIAL Team Photographer

From fan to fundraiser

Beginning as the teams number one fan, Ronni has will now be a vital part of the organization. She will serve as the Fund-raising coordinator for the team continuing to help support the team in the community.

VEronica Carr
FundRaising Coordinator


The Blaze are excited to have the chance to have Kyle take over as the announcer for all home games. Kyle is a fixture in Colorado sports working with the Denver Nuggets, Overland High School Basketball and 104.3 The Fan. his distinctive energy will help lift the Blaze in the 2023 Season.


moving the crowd

Originating from the south side of Chicago, from a young age he was heavily involved in the hip hop scene. Demonstrating this love of mixing and blending music as a DJ at Skate City, DJ DoughBoy has been entertaining crowds since he was 14. The Blaze are excited to have him represent the Blaze for the 2023 season.

Official Blaze D-Jay


2024 Mile High Blaze Schedule

Come join the Blaze as we go into 2024


9360 Washington Thornton, CO 80229
Call 303-619-7758 for more information.


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