Player Profile - Yolanda Searcy

"I love to prove men wrong!"

October 2, 2023
"I love to prove men wrong!"

#4 Yolanda Searcy

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 220

Position: Linebacker / Fullback

Years: 15th

Player Info

YoYo has been a part of women's football for many years, her time has been spent on teams both here in Colorado as well as her time in Minnesota early in her playing career. YoYo has been a team captain and a driving force for the Blaze for years.

Yolanda Searcy #4, linebacker for the Mile High Blaze, recovers a fumble during game action.
Yolanda raises her hand in excitement after causing a turnover during game action.

Personal Info

Yolanda grew up in Florida as a multi-sport athlete. She started in organized softball and basketball. She spent a good amount of time playing unorganized backyard football with her brothers and other neighborhood players. Tackle football was an option for YoYo during her high school days, but she chose to pursue flag football instead. Once out of school the pads came on, and she started her journey toward her multiple All American seasons.


  • I play football because I love the game first and foremost.
  • Football has long been an outlet for stress relief
  • I love to prove men wrong!

In addition she is dedicated mother of two young adults who she raised with the simple credo of:

Don't be me, be better than me...
Life Away From The Field

Outside the lines, YoYo spends her time with family as well as volunteering her time as a youth mentor through the state of Colorado.