Rob Sandlin

Rob Sandlin

Head Coach

Passion and love for the game epitomize the approach, #ooooilovemyteam is not just a catchphrase.


Rob Sandlin

After initially joining the team as a tackling coordinator, Rob moved upward to the role of Defensive Coordinator, and in 2018 became the team's head coach.  Under his direction the Blaze have been a constant power in the WFA.

A Denver native, Rob has been a member of the football community in both the mens semi-pro leagues with the Colorado Cougars, as well as his youth organization Cougar Elite Sports for years.  with multiple championships at all levels of coaching, he brings championship pedigree to the women of the Blaze.

  • 12 Time AAU State Champion
  • 4 Time NYSC National Champion
  • 3 Time Colorado Men's Semi Pro Football Finalist
  • 1 Time Coloredo Men's Semi Pro Champion
  • 2022 WFA Division II Champion

His dedication to the Blaze will continue to help lead the team moving forward.