Team sports build a support system of trust, joining the Blaze provides you the bond of family you will cherish for life.


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Teams like families rely on a special bond between the members. This special bond can be called teamwork, cooperation or many other concepts that help to bind people together. Playing team sports helps people to gain much needed interpersonal skills that can translate to better home, work and social lives. The camaraderie created within a team that are not easily broken.

  • Leadership - leaders emerge depending on the situation at hand
  • Accountability - players learn to recognize strength and weaknesses to compliment one another
  • Support and Trust - no team can function without trust, a loving team pulls together when other teams fold
  • Communication - special bonds create special communication, verbal and non-verbal alike

Teams that lack these amazing bonds rarely succeed, the Mile High Blaze believe football is a family that lasts forever.

Take the time to come out and meet with the coaches and players to see if football and the Blaze are a fit for you.


The benefits of playing team sports include a positive impact on the body, mind and spirit.

Regular activity is essential for a healthy lifestyle, and research shows that participation in team sports may enhance your life in many other ways as well.


Team sports help to bolster the five C's: competence, confidence, connections, character and caring.

Players have higher levels of social support, sense of community created with teammates which provides the perfect setting for personal development and growth.